The last few days have yielded some unbelievable blue bird skies and riding conditions. On sunday we ventured deep into the Uinta range to ride some steep pillow lines. The snow was some of the best Neil and I had ever seen in this particular zone.

^Pete Obrien works for TGR. He keeps it real with the 16mm film. As you can see, he also shoots a still camera. You could fit a child in this mans backpack!Yesterday, we had another round in Wolverine Cirque. The lines were steep and the snow was fresh. Some wind slabs up high had us on our toes the whole day so we made sure to ride clean and fast.
^Bjorn Leines, Forrest Shearer, and Neil Provo make like billy goats and ascend a chute in wolverine cirque.^Here is a P.O.V clip from a fun line off the top of the east face of Wolverine Cirque. Was smoking out the bottom and lost it! This zone is one of my new favorites.