This past weekend Big White hosted The Canadian Series Super Pipe Event and it went off as a full success! We have a few words from the BC Freestyle Ski Coach Wade Garrod, Photo's outlining the weekend, and results from the competition. We would also love to give a big shout out to Rip Curl for their sponsorship of the event, they really helped us pull things off to their full potential.

"All day I have

been receiving compliments about the Big White Canadian Series Super Pipe

Event.  I have to keep telling them that it was you (Flynn), Jay and the Big White Event

crew that made things so good.  The pipe, the fencing, the course maintenance,

the on hill support made things very easy for us.  This event made an impression

on the freestyle skiers from across Canada.  It had the organization

and professionalism of an international event.  I greatly appreciate all the

time, effort and recourses Big White put into the Big White Super Pipe Double

Header .We are super motivated to do more events at Big White now.  Freestyle Ski

Athletes from across Canada now know Big White is the place to come for ski

events. "

- Wade Garrod


Day One


1. Stephanie Bourque

2. Melanie Michener

3. Gillian Mciver


1. Cameron Schuster

2. Michael Mochan

3. Sandy Boville

Day Two


1. Melanie Michener

2. Stephanie Bourque

3. Karin Corcoran


1. Colin Yaykovich

2. Cameron Schuster

3. Jamieson Irvine