With iF3 quickly approaching, your plans are likely in place, and you're starting to select what movies are on your 'do not miss' list. You MIGHT even be choosing movies that are good enough for your 'be mostly sober for this one' list. We've watched all the trailers, and selected a few of the big mountain films that will be showing off some spines next weekend.

Inspired Media - In Search

A compilation of Kye Petersen's 2014/2015 journeys pushing himself in the unique backcountry terrain of Alaska and British Columbia with a fun, progressive and creative vision.


WeAreBlank - Blank.themovie

Take a look at a season on the road with Alexi Godbout, KC Deane, Vincent Gagnier, Josh Daiek, Max Morello and Mike Henitiuk. Filmed over the course of the winter in Japan, Europe and Alaska.


Teton Gravity Research - Paradise Waits

After winning Film of the Year at iF3 with their 2014 feature, Almost Ablaze, TGR is back at it with an action-packed film. From the Alaskan spines to endless pow in Japan, and even right in their backyard of the Teton Valley, Paradise Waits is an upbeat film showing off their pursuit of winter.


Midiafilm – PROFILE, Characters on skis

In this German & Austrian freeride film, seven riders show their individual character on skis. Every person has another profile and consequently a different method to prepare for a new ski season.


4FRNT Media - Shaping Skiing

"The magic feet, the long shoes, the slippery sticks we bolt, strap and heli-coil ourselves onto. These are the peacemakers of humanity and mother nature. Without them, we have limitations, with them, we have none. Newcomer urban skier Cam Riley joins the likes of Kye Petersen, Wiley Miller, David Wise, Eric Hjorleifson and Thayne Rich in 4FRNT's 5th annual feature team film, Shaping Skiing."