The human intellect is well versed in lying to itself about it's hosts reality, the world it lives in, and the experiences that it traverses. Experiences are uniquely perceived by the individual people who live through them, but what if the person who perceives these experiences has full and total control over their own perception? This is the greatest, and most undiscovered and unknown truth of the human intellect. It is through this that we are able to, in effect, create our own reality, weather or not we are conscious of it.

We form unique memories out of the experiences that we encounter, and encoded in these memories is the meaning of the experience that we carry with us. And what of the origin of these experiences? Look deep and you will find that we seek out the experiences we encounter. We both create the experiences themselves and the lenses that we perceive the experiences through. Our lives are scripted, not by God or fate, but by ourselves. And what objectivity is there to be held in the human experience? That is for you to seek and understand. It is something that must be experienced. It cannot be taught, for it is beyond knowledge.

I'm sober.

As for an update to the road trip that I posted about in this blog a little more than a week ago- The CU Freeski Team trip was good up to the point where an avalanche in the Jackson Hole backcountry swept 3 people (two from the team and one friend of the team) over a 60 foot cliff. Justin Kautz was killed. We're all very saddened by his death. His life was an inspiration.

I leave in a day for the ice climbing festival in Ouray. The story continues...