I have a hunch I’m not the

only person in the world who after they saw the movie Rocky was so pumped that she attempted to jog home from the movie

theater. In fact I know I’m not the only one because my friend Amy was with me

and I think it was her mom we called to come get us.  Some movies just

have that affect.


Warren Miller’s Dynasty is touring through Colorado

right now. I’d been hearing the industry buzz about it for months, I’d seen the

trailer online, and Ski Country even helped with some of the logistics for the

film crew.



saw Dynasty at a convention last

month. Walking out of the theater I had the “Rocky affect” happening only it

was the “Warren affect” where I was so pumped, the next opportunity I had to go

to the mountains I did – with two resorts already open at the time it wasn’t as

hard as trying to run home from the movie theater.



you don’t know who or what Warren Miller is, let me fill you in on a few




Warren Miller is a person. He started making ski movies 60 years ago. His voice

is very recognizable because he narrated all the ski movies he made. Today

Warren Miller is also a company. (The man is still around but not directly

involved in the company.) This year’s film commemorates 60 years of film making

by tying in some of the original components of the Warren Miller films in a

very clever way.


Second, the

film is always made up of parts. With each film, people always talk about the

parts of the film and which part is their favorite. Parts are usually

identified by the location where they were filmed or by the athletes that were

in it. Colorado resorts and athletes have a couple parts in Dynasty.


Third, the

fan bennies are always pretty sweet. By bennies I’m talking about the giveaways

that fans can get at the shows or online during the show tour. For example,

this year, ticket holders can get free lift tickets to Winter Park, Steamboat

or Copper. Also, as part of this year’s 60th celebration, fans can try their

hand at the Warren Miller 60 Day Giveaway.


Fourth, Chris

Anthony is in the film, it’s his 20th one and at this point he’s pretty much

synonymous with Warren Miller. He also emcees the Colorado stops on the film

tour and is half the reason seeing the film is so fun.



now seen Dynasty twice and plan on seeing

it at least one more time. Because of the Warren affect, I’ll likely be the one

in ski boots at the show or the one trying to jog part of the way home in them.