I was perusing John Symms blog for a few laughs and came across a video he posted of the winner of Level 1's SuperUnknown Contest. At about 36 seconds, Niklas Eriksson, throws down hands down the best sw. 10 I've ever seen. If you've seen me ski then you probably know I'm a 5, 7 and if conditions permit I will sometimes throw a 9 kind of guy. On a couple of occasions I have gone to 10, just to prove to myself I could do one. Anyway with that said I like slow calm almost lethargic looking rotations. This trick he does is similar to a sw.7 I pioneered in 2002 and I have to admit... way Better! RESPECT BREDREN! Niklas Eriksson SuperUnknown09 Winner from Ante Olofsson on Vimeo.