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If you’re primarily an on-location photographer or filmmaker, then you know how much value a great location can add to the shoot. So today I’m introducing another Series (ala the ‘Emerging Talent’ and others…) where I feature supercool locations around the world. Stuff I discover, stuff that other send me, places I’d love to shoot. Of course feel free to chime in, share, link, or otherwise contribute in your own way. Onward…

After being ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Six Flags New Orleans has been completely abandoned, left to be pounded by the weather and nature without anyone around to care for it. Rickety rollercoasters develop rust, forgotten carousel horses look upon the empty pathways with sad painted eyes, and concession stands will never again feed a hungry child. While the general public is strictly forbidden to trespass on this post apocalyptic dream scene, a few brave photographers have risked arrest and dangerous conditions to shoot some incredible photographs of this now surreal place. Click through the gallery tabs above to see for yourself. Stunning opportunities abound…

Anybody shot here or know someone who has? I’m curious.

If you’ve got other locations you want to share – fire me off a few photos and some info and I may feature it in the future.

[...and Don' Forget...While I have pushed boundaries on shooting at special locations in my career, I am not advocating that YOU break the law and shoot here or at any 'off-limits' location. What I can say is that creativity and collaboration with others can often get you through some hurdles that are not overtly "open" locations... And most people who wrangle "closed" locations are interested in...um... money and other possible perks that letting you shoot at a particular place might afford them... Getting access to special locations is something I've done regularly with good results - it's an art not a science. Generally speaking, all commercial photoshoots should be permitted and paid for and trespassing is illegal. If you go Rambo on this, or any location I'll point out in this future series of posts, you may get a high five from somebody, but you're doing so under your own free will. You may or may not get some incredible shots. ]