According to an evaluation, around 20% of the people get infected by hives, at least once during their lifetime.Hives can affect any part of the body. They are white or red rashes which can vary in size and shape. A special characteristic of the hives rash is that it appears and disappears and even changes its shape very quickly. The hives symptoms include development of such welts, chiefly on stomach, back and chest. The hives rashes can be itchy and irritating too.

The causes of hives vary from one individual to other as they are basically caused due to an allergic reaction which is dependent upon one?s immunity system. Allergy against food or products we are exposed to can be regarded as the basic hives causes. Some medicinal side effects and prolonged illness can also result into such an infection. The treatment of hives also differs from person to person as its causes. It can mostly be treated naturally. Even if left for a day or two, it gets healed itself. Homeopathic medicines are preferred as remedial measures. Herbal tea, Aloe Vera gel, acupressure, wrapping the infected are with ice are the probable potential hives treatment. In some cases hives can be chronic and it would be difficult to trace the cause of allergy. It gets difficult to heal it in such situations but the symptoms can be curtailed. The best way to achieve hives treatment is to stay away from the source which caused it. If natural cures do not work, medical help should be immediately taken. Hives should never be underestimated as a normal skin infection. The delay in its cure can increase the damage.