First of all:

Fantastic site for photographers just like we'll find here in NS, actually made by a fellow NS'er Snowcase

The only review site you'll ever need:

Amazing site, extremely unbiased in depth reviews of virtually every camera on the market. They also review lenses.

Where to buy:

A fantastic thread by another one of our NS'er listing out all of the most reputable sites to buy from

Photo News: and

These are the only two sites that I use, although I know there are more sites out there that are just as good. I hear is good as well.

Hosting:, and

You all know flickr as a quality source, tinypic is also good if you want a nice quick hosting service and you're willing to sacrifice quality.

I'm sure all of you know of some sites too, post them in the comments and I'll transfer them onto the page

Added Sites: A review/forum/store site, cred to SmileBIG

Industry News