Hey everyone, its i8van, and I am happy to announce that I finally came up with a dope t-shirt design that now is getting printed on only 50 shirts. If you wanna rock something that represents newschool skiing and looks good this summer, check my site http://www.i8van.com (direct link http://www.i8van.com/store/t-shirts.html ). Hurry up, since I have only 50 units, which is very limited. The garments are 10.1 ounce 100% cotton and they are getting printed on a factory, where some of Quiksilver and Roxy products are made, so the quality is amazing. The price of each shirt is 25.00$ CAD + shippingI expect them to arrive on Monday(July 17th), so if you are yet not sure, check the site again for the real pics at around that time.Along with the t-shirts, I am offering custom helmet paintjobs services. Now you can have a sick helmet that may match your outfit or skis. Due to originality of the designs, you are gonna have one-of-a-kind helmet in the entire world. Peep my site to see the designs I have already painted and the ones that are in development. http://www.i8van.com/store/helmets.html for more details.P.S. thanks to KingShit, cko, nomensteven, Sw_Steeze, MacMahoooon and everyone who helped me out throught this project.Peace, Ivan Sharko