All photos: Grant Witty

Another year, another Level 1 flick to get you hyped for winter. This time, it's Berman & crew's 18th offering "Habit" which, from the trailer, looked to be one of their heaviest movies in the past few years. Spills, thrills, & even a PWhite frontflip on the massive Mammoth booter made the movie one of my favorites in the past 5 years.

City Hall was turned into a club so it was back to Cervantes!

Prior to the show, athletes from Habit such as Will Berman, Khai Krepela, Keegan Kilbride, Thayne Rich, Ben Smith, & Ethan Swadburg were dishing out their John Hancocks to all the stoked groms & parents. Street legend & Level 1 alum Ahmet Dadali even made an appearance.

Cover boy Ben Smith (2nd from left) slanging his signature

As usual, prizes were raining down from the sky like the powder we all hope to be skiing on soon. The groms got in on the "best mustache" contest for a pair of skis with this little ripper coming away victorious! Not sure if she'll be able to ski on these for another 10 years but, oh well, fuck it!

On to the main event; the movie. Across the board, the movie was really damn tight. I really enjoyed the tag team segments as opposed to standalone parts. Ben Smith & Ethan Swadburg's seg in British Columbia stood out to me the most (on the backcountry side of things). Having done an entirely urban part last year, they decided to send it to BC, live in a camper, & sled to zones that looked straight out of a dreamland. Keegan, Noah Alabadejo, & Laurent de Martin took to the streets of Moscow where carnage ensued and most of the guys ended up getting broke off in one way or another. They all pushed through and had one of the raddest urban segments in a Level 1 movie for a while. Trust me this is one well worth heading out to a showing of or ordering here.

Khai taking the VIP route to the bar

Head honcho Josh Berman with the family

Benny Smith revving up the engine to get the movie going

Tatum ripping pow in her bangin' segment