I can't believe the Beav' is open now. It's even harder to believe that so many people went off the groomed runs. I went up to teach a lesson, so I wasn't trying to get a whole lot of sick shit done, but had fun nonetheless. I got to try my stove-top rockered Ravyns out on some hard-pack. They did okay, but took quite a bit of work to carve.One thing that pissed me off a lot was when my buddy came in to say that a roof slide had come down, and came close to injuring someone. The ticket lady just replied that "kids shouldn't be under there." What the fuck is that about? It's the resorts responsibility to get that snow off. That kind of thing isn't covered under their liability waiver on the ski pass. A lawsuit due to that kind of negligence could cost Beaver enough to hurt everyone who works there. So to that lady, don't be such a bitch. Take care of the snow on the roofs. Someone nearly got killed a year or two ago from a roof slide at Brighton. That shit is serious.