Newly formed, Texas-based ski company Batalla Ski Co. has agreed to terms with Pennsylvania-based, independently produced web series RT Weekends to become the title sponsor of the show, which will be starting off its 4th season this winter.

RT Weekends has been building acclaim since its inception back in 2010 when a group of strictly local skiers at Roundtop Mountain Resort in Lewisberry, PA (thus the RT in the name of the show... RoundTop) decided to produce videos in an organized, episodic format, funding all equipment, travel, promotion, and production out of pocket. While it has not had the warmest receptions among the online ski community as a whole, RT Weekends has a strong backing both locally and regionally, and has built a following of nearly 900 on Facebook, with between 600-1000 viewers stopping by to view each episode on both NSTV Premium and their official website,

Some of the highest acclaim for the skiing in the web series has come at the feet of RT Weekends regular, Mike Urich, who also happens to be one of the skiers selected to be a part of the first Batalla pro team. Expect to see a heavy amount of riding from Mr. Urich in new episodes, as well as occasional guest appearances by the other riders of Batalla. Other changes to new episodes of the show include more opportunity to travel to resorts beyond the offerings in South Central, PA, as well as new Batalla gear to be shown off by several regulars on the series. Beyond this the skinny pants, and nonsense you've grown to expect will be back in full force for season 4.

In addition to Batalla Skis, RT Weekends will continue to be supported by the wonderful staff of the Roundtop Mountain Resort Park Crew (known colloquially as "RMR Park Crew"). RMR Park Manager Matt Stambaugh has provided outstanding facilities and promotional opportunities for the series since its creation, also providing part-time employment on the park crew to the majority of local PA riders featured on the show.

Production for season 4 will kick off as soon as the temperatures allow. Being based in South Central Pennsylvania, you can expect the RT Weekends crew to put together a few road trips and backyard setups to keep on pace with colder parts of the world. Watch the most recent episodes on NSTV Premium, and check out the season 3 "best of" compilation below:

Also be sure to watch Mike Urich's compilation promo for Batalla Skis: