It's here! Last year's Adventures In Transition, Home On The Range, might have been my favorite edit of the season. It was certainly top five. So you can imagine my excitement when the new edition 'Stick To Your Guns' dropped in to my inbox a couple of days ago. It's out NOW so click the link below and watch some beautiful skiing pictures, you're in for a treat. Read on to find out what Banks had to say about the making of!

I just watched the new AIT, I have to say, the only thing I can think of to fault was that it ended too soon. What’s your process when you go out to film an on mountain segment like the one with Khai and LJ? Do you just cruise around sending until something feels right, or do you look for spots, work out tricks and then take things to play?

It's a bit of a mix of both. We usually head up in the morning and scout around a bit waiting for things to soften up then it usually just goes into full send mode whether the camera is out or not. There is a certain flow that exist skiing Sun Valley. It always seems to ski the best when you push top to bottom runs with no stopping, unfortunately that isn't really possible when you're filming, so we just tried to keep the pace up and hit as much as we possibly could in a run.

Have you ever found yourself at a spot thinking ‘that’ll look better after a couple more days melting’?

Ha, oh yeah. The more brown the more down.

Why Khai and LJ?

Khai and LJ are two guys that don't take skiing too seriously, the perfect friends to invite out for something like this. I honestly didn't know how this would all end up, its a pretty loose format up there and its surprising how hard you end up working for shots on a resort. In the long run I knew that inviting these guys would end up amazing, whether we got shots or not we would have a credulously fun time doing it. You can never go wrong inviting your friends to your home town to ski with you, especially two all time guys like Khai and LJ.

No caption required...

How did you start working with Jake?

Jake and I go way way back. We were kicking around colorado the same time about 2009 I believe. I honestly can't remember where we first met or how we initially started working together but it always just seemed like a perfect fit. Jake's filming and editing style was just what I was looking for, and it wasn't much later that Adventures In Transition was born. Jake probably remembers the story much better as he's had a few less concussions over the years. At this point, we've made countless videos, shorts, and edits over the years through Adventures In Transition as well as worked together at Windells and Orage.

What is it about Sun Valley that keeps you coming back?

First and foremost its where I grew up. I have an incredibly strong connection to this place that runs deep into my childhood, a connection I have just recently regained after moving back here a few years ago. If you've never been to Sun Valley then it will be difficult to explain what feeling this place gives you. There is really no where else in the world that I have been to that I could compare it to. What really does it for me is the combination of having one of the most consistently steep mountains in the US paired with the fact that all of my best friends from growing up are ripping the shit out of it every day. Makes for a phenomenal place to be.

Last year's incredible offering..

One of the things that really stands out to me in AIT is the music. How do you go about picking that?

Oh man. Its a brutal process. The music literally takes us the majority of the time. Jake and I both have pretty similar tastes when it comes to music but when it comes down to editing, Jake truly knows what will work and what wont. We have a massive playlist that we share and are constantly adding tracks to it, so when the time comes we end up having to pick through a huge list of really good music and try and decide what flows the best. I wish everyone could have seen how ridiculously long it took us to decide this year.

What is it about transitions?

They just seem pure to me. Riding transitions in all forms is just pure enjoyment for me.

It’s all ‘relatable’ spots again. Is that something you are consciously thinking about with your skiing? Is that a legacy of how much you skate?

Be relatable. It's been a mission statement or whatever the hell you want to call it. There is far too much bullshit floating around out there, too many heli trips to AK, too many 9000 foot jumps with firework shows, or flaming loopty loop rails . To me, the sort of videos or edits I like to watch the most is the sort of stuff I can relate to as a skier, or snowboarder or skater. Keep it simple.