I am stuck doing school work for a while longer this fall before I get to travel, and while

there is obviously snow on the ground, my resort is 2 hours away and I hate

driving so I decided to get my backyard set-up on the go and boy is it ever fun.  It took two days to collect enough snow and to harden everything up but the results are perfect.  As soon as I get more snow and move the trampoline I will have a little jump as well as the rail, now only if i could rip down the fences and get a bit more room...

Here is a picture of the Set-up:

Here area  few pics of me sliding along:

I recognize that i am wearing a pair of Movement Joysticks that are 2 years old, but they still rip (edges are still on the ski) and i am in my backyard...

I am pretty sure each day i get on this thing counts towards my season total, and after last years sub par days-skiing number, I hope to get back in the triple digits in 2008! Enjoy the season everyone and remember, stay in school, you get to ski more!