There are many backyard set-ups out there, but none are quite the same as JCK. JCK has three drop-ins, two for the main park and one for the extra park. We have only been around for a few years, and started off with only a a couple rails and a small jump. Now we are stocked on rails, we even have a 20ft urban rail.

This year was our second annual JCK backyard competition, and Minnesota was lacking in snow. In fact it was mid December, the park was only half finished and the comp was only a month out. We hoped and prayed for snow, and it came, well, only an inch. Luckily we came up with a plan, go take the local church`s snow. They had a pretty big parking lot that they plowed all the snow off into nice piles. So, a week out from comp day the park crew all grabbed shovels and started hauling snow. It took 21 truckloads but we did it, and we made the comp happen. The grand prize was a hovland snowskate, and the hovland guys came out and demoed for us. we had a best snowskate trick contest, and Lenni from park crew won by hitting the battleship on one. I`d like to thank all the guys from Hovland, and Joe Sexton, for the signed 1817 sticker. I also want to thank monument, ON3P, Grenade Gloves for making the Competition happen.