After a month and a half in the US I have to say it´s good to be back in Norway. I´ve only been home since friday and been struggling a harsh Jet lag. On sunday I fell asleep at 11 AM, woke up at 12 AM and couldn´t sleep before the next night. It´s so weird coming from America to Norway, you´r like tired all day long and bright awake at night. The last week in Breck wasen´t that good, we had one day with allright weather so we didn´t get to shoot that much for the edit. but I got a couple of shots cruising Park Lane (medium park in breck). this will get up as fast as I get final cut back witch I lost when I left my Mac behind at Denver airport. Yeah, I don´t want to talk about it.I have a little treat for you though, another play him off video.... jippey.1. skier: Ole ´´O-pro´´ Mustad 2. skier: random stupid snowbladerplay him off! from Air Force on Vimeo. Now when your finished laughing I want you to know that this kid broke like 7 bones and are probably still hurting pretty bad.PEACE