So on February 7th, 2006. I ruptured my spleen. I had been warming up for a photoshoot, and took a gnarly digger. The details aren't important. I took the elbow to the side, stopping me from a 30 mile an hour cruising speed in less than a second. The full force going to my abdomen. I separated my shoulder, rutured my spleen, bruised my kidney, and broke some ribs. I ended up driving myself to the hospital, and barely coming out with my life. 2.5 cups of blood later, I'm still here. It's been like a month and two weeks, ish. Something in there. I'm back skiing, and am reaching a point where I can start jumping and shooting a bit with my photographer again. Here's the latest. Not huge impressive pictures, but certainly not bad for not riding pipe in 8 years, (we just got our pipe back) and being broken. I'm not supposed to be doing anything active until the end of april to mid march, but I seem to be getting by: