Our first day up at Mt Bachelor was by far our most successful. Everyone arrived on saturday or sunday and was ready to begin slaying our private park. Everyone came up on monday (including some local skiers) for our first day. The skiers that made the shoot were Travis Durtschi, K.C. Deane, Sean Hartel, Cedric Tramblay Fournier, Andy McDowell, Lucas Wachs, and Dan Bruton. Also photographers Andrew Golden and Max Miller joined the crew, which included Cameron and I.

Lucas being LucasThe session began quickly on the first jump. Within a half an hour an injury plagued our crew again! This time it was K.C. Deane getting knocked out on a basic shifty 180.
TM Jason Badgley trying to help KC as he lays knocked outThankfully he was able to ride away as many more continued to hit the jump.
Travis throwin down with some style.
Dan Bruton was throwing down all day
Ced Tramblay Fournier showing off his misty 9
Sean showing off his MomentsAfter sessioning the jump we quickly drove over to the open lodge for some food.
Andy McDowell and Ced decided to try to switch jacketsWhen lunch ended it was time to go hit up the second feature in our park. It was a sort of unique feature. An 80 foot channel gap, but with the jump in the middle. Unfortunately another one of our skiers, Lucas Wachs, went down at the beginning of the channel gap session.
The channel is finished and ready to go!!
Dan warming up on the channel, while Bentley attempts to film from the lift tower
Sean Hartel getting tricky on his first day skiing in over 2 months.
Travis once again showing his styley tails
Dan tweakin it as hard as he can
Andy Mcdowell enjoys randomly learning new tricks
Getting wayyy to close for comfort on the follow cam.After it was all over some of us headed back to our homes in Reno/Tahoe, while the others continued to slay bachelor all spring.
Nice Sunset on the drive homeIn the end our Mt Bachelor photoshoot was tons of fun and pretty successful. Although it is already mid may, that does not mean our season is over. We still have tons of filming to do before our film is complete. Keep up to date in our updates. Next update will be backcountry booter sessions. Words by: Bentley AtteberryPictures by: Andrew Golden, Cameron Fair, Bentley Atteberry, and whoever was using Travis's camera.Special thanks to Jason Badgley with http://momentskis.com