BRS, born from the ashes of the OG E-Doggo Team have always been about one thing: Style. Back in the day, they blew us away with edits like 100,000, Super Smash Bros, and Godzilla, if you haven't watched them, click the links and get learned. Three of the crew were Superunknown finalists in 2013. Jacob Hyllengren-Larsson and Jakob Lundberg even had a Jiberish Walk In The Park. And yet the crew still manage to fly so under the radar it's untrue. Aside from here on NS (and back home in Sweden I suppose) barely anyone knows who they are. Some of the crew clearly don't have ski sponsors and the movie has just one backer, Dragon. Jacob H walked home with the Discovery Of The Year award at this year's IF3 for his crazy part in Bon Vivant despite, in my eyes at least, having been established as one of the most stylish guys in skiing for some time now.

That screencap though...

The movie itself is beautiful. It's so common to see guys with fantastic styles in the park, lose all that elegance and poise as soon as it comes to skiing urban. But the BRS guys, especially Jacob, ski urban with a style and flair that is rare to see. New heads and lesser known guys from the earlier edits blend in seamlessly with OGs Anton, Jacob and Jakob. Each segment is different enough to keep things interesting for the whole movie but every rider in the film puts style to the fore. It's a skiing heavy movie with just enough lifestyle to show both the truth and the irony of the title. For those who don't know, 'Bon Vivant' is a phrase to describe one who lives 'well'. Typically 'Les Bons Vivants' are rich socialites who have enough money to never have to work and thus spend their lives relaxing and partying. The movie manages to portray both the truth that BRS are living 'une bonne vie' and the contrast of their lifestyle to your stereotypical Bon Vivant.

'Bon Vivant'

It amazes me that after 5 years of doing some of the most stylish stuff out that these guys still haven't become a mainstay of the industry sense, even over here in Europe. BRS have announced that this is to be their last movie. So guys please, vote it up and share it around. If this is to be the last BRS film lets make it a success.