Setting the scene:15 GIRLS, 1 BEACH HOUSE, 1 MOVIE PREMIER, 1 BIRTHDAY CAKE, 1 WEEKEND, and countless DANCE PARTIES...

Oakley's film "Uniquely" is just that... unique. It is the first to include Skate, Surf, Snow and Wake into one full feature action sports movie!So, the crew at Oakley flew every girl in the movie out to Cali to celebrate!
Here we are holding the man behind the movie... John Roderick. Red Carpet at Oakley Headquarters for the premier.
Here I am with (Left to Right) Karina Petroni Surf, me and Amber Wing Wakeboarding.
My BIRTHDAY GIRL crown! I got lucky and had my birthday the night of the premier! It was the BEST birthday EVER!!! Thanks girls!
Beach house view. We spent hours in the water surfing every morning!
Group shot on the deck! The weekend was EPIC... stay tuned for the reunion on snow this winter! :)Check out the teaser at: and look for the movie in Oakley stores soon!XOXOAngeli