It’s funny how the skiing cycle goes.  I’m always so amped for the first snow in October, hoping its deep enough to hike, and then November is there to shake the rust off and get back in the swing of things.  Soon after I’m always so ansty to start stockpiling shots in December and January, and hopefully Febuary and March we are a little more relaxed and just sledding, hiking, skiing, and building jumps every day.  Once May hits, I’m more than ready for the warm weather to take a break and rest the body.  Then summer hits and after a few months I’m ready to click back in and get back into it.  So I was all for it when Liberty Skis called me up mid summer and asked if I’d be interested in a trip to Australia in late August with teammates Kyler Cooley and Joe Shuster.   After getting the logistics squared away I met up with Joe in LA and 15 hours later we touched down in Sydney.  While the skiing itself turned out to be a little lackluster, we had a great time exploring the coast, surfing, cliff jumping, and just being tourists.  So without further adieu, here is BC Boys 2.1 Australia… BC Boys Webisode 2.1: Australia from k cooley on Vimeo.