Well, everything's pretty screwed.

I just want snow, I need to hit the hills & let go of some anger & stress..

Exams are this week & next week.

Pretty stupid. Whats the sense of exams anyways?

Some people do really crappy on tests because of the stress & stuff.

Myself? I just don't care anymore. I used to, but I've just gotten fed up with pleasing everyone.

Okay, I'm sounding really emo right now.

Normally I'm not like this, I'm a happy & crazy girl..

But i'm just in a super bad mood.

I've got a Keyboarding exam..


& my English exam is going to be pointless, because i'm seriously in a sped English class, and it makes me mad, because I actually don't mind English, and then I get stuck in the most POINTLESS class ever.

Pretty sure my 5 year old cousin could be in my English class & pass with like.. a 90%

But, I'm done going on about all this crappp..