Credit for the interview goes to David Brighton.

Favourite food?

My favourite food would probably have to be along the lines of any fruit snacks made by General Mills. (Gushers, Fruit Rollups, ect.) But if we are talking real food it would be a fresh steak cooked medium and covered in butter, with a side of caviar to make it cla$$y. My drink of choice.. FIJI Water #designerwater

Home Mountain?

7 Springs all the way. Gotta stay true to the day one goons!

3 things in your pocket when you ski?

Newps, My phone for taking Instagrams ( @kerrensy ) and hitting up hunnies, and my ipod because my phone dies fast and does not have enough space for all the trvp music.

What exactly is Vite-c?

I can't actually tell you what VITE-C stands for because is a kept secret within the group, but VITE-C is all the homies that I hang with world-wide that are always ready to turn up and get wild. It is a select group of people that have proven themselves in the eyes of the group. You have to be invited and initiated into the group which is a very rare occasion, if anyone is wondering what you have to do to get in, watch some of our videos and the clues will add up.

East coast or west?

If its for skiing I really can not decide. I love em both, and I have homies on both sides. I have just as much fun out there as I do in the east coast. But if its not for skiing then defiantly the west coast because the girls out west are way more fine than over on the east. #SorryEastCoastChicks #WhatUpCaliGirls #SunsOutBunsOut

What dictates your skiing, style or technicality?

Its kind of hard to say, I think style just comes from who you are and isn't something you work on or force. I think in a way rollerblading helped my skiing. Before I ever skied I was on rollerblades and was sponsored until I started to ski (4 years ago). Another part that helped is probably trvp music. This is aggressive heavy music and it makes my skiing the same way.

What's it like being friends with Goepper? What's he like for the masses of 12 year olds that think he has no style?

For all the haters out there, you are just jealous! I have lived with nick the past few years and he has turned into one of my great friends. Nick is a role model to be around, he is always motivated to do the best that he can and is someone I can look up to on the professional side of things. And to all the kids out there saying Nick doesn't have style, you are all wrong. When Nick is skiing he literally makes every trick look so perfect and lands them so well that you guys try to say he looks like a robot. You have it all backwards, he is the one that is stacking up the cake $$$.

How did the move from Rossignol to Surface go?

I wasn't on the Rossi team, I just got a hookup from a local shop in PA. When SURFACE hit me up I was real stoked, they have some of the sickest riders in the industry. I got a chance to hang with them this summer at Windells and they really showed me that the team is a bunch of good friends. It feels great to be on a team with such rad people and a company that cares about is riders so heavily.

Any big plans for your career?

Pretty much every skiers dream, go to X-Games get in a big movies, the classic stuff. But I really just want to become an individual in the sport. I want to see kids out there dressing like me and looking up to me like how I lookup to the known skiers now. I think its time to bring the RVRX TRVP LIFX to skiing. A big thing that recently happen was that I become a Czech citizen. My mom was born and raised Prague and so if I can get on their team I could maybe see some potential Olympic business in the next few years, Only the future will tell.

How come we've never seen you in the BC or the streets?

Not gunna lie, nothing against all the pow guys out there, its fun and all, I just think man made stuff is more interesting. I have my occasional pow days here and there but Im just not that into it. Maybe when I am older and more fragile ill move over to pow. And as far as the streets goes, I have done plenty of urban, But usually there is never anyone to film, or they don't know how to film and they miss the shot and we get kicked out before we can shoot it agin. So shout of to all the filmers and ski movie producers, If your looking for a new rider hit me up haha.


The #vxryrvrx GUCCI is my signature attire. They stopped making cool normal goggle frames in 2010 though. Hopefully someday they will notice me, sponsor me, and make better goggles. I have retired the cheetah pants since cheetah is becoming more popular. I actually moved over to tapered pants as well, baggy but tighter at the knees. They are a step up from the Cheetah and even more trvp. Im not going to say what type of print they are so u'll have to wait till the season starts to see them.

Would you rather own a goat or a deer?

By far a goat. Goats make milk which I drink all the time and they make stupid noises so ill have something to laugh at. Goats are also pretty vicious animals, they eat everything and they will ram into stuff and break things which I love to see out of anything.