It's 2016 and we're back for the 3rd rendition of one of skiing's most unique and innovation-inducing contest. The B&E Invitational at Les Arcs didn't disappointed the first 2 years and this year was no different. Unfortunately, I woke up at 8 AM for nothing as the live-stream was a bonafide potato for the first half of the jam. Thankfully our man of the hour, Twig, provided me updates as the event was going on for the first half. Let's just say, shit was lit.


- Magnus Graner got about 15 hits in one run. The power of the Bunch right there.

- Leo gapped over one of the bowls.

- Classic Candide form, went massive and 3'd and then 5'd over the same bowl.

- Wacko Wells laced up some saucy dub 7s.

- Henrik whipped out a switch 9 off the QP takeoff.

- Jules Bonnaire literally almost died. He sent a dub back to about 2.5 and his head. Thank goodness he was alright.

- The sunset romance made for a few tag team runs, unfortunately no over//unders were done but I can't really complain about this can I?

- Max Hill and Jossi killed it with low spin doubles lines, massive 180s off top and zero spins of the step down at the bottom. It was awesome to see Max back slaying, especially given that I later discovered how close he was to calling it thanks to a horrific arm injury.

- The best trick session went OFF to end the weekend. Candide discovered some new lines nobody had hit all week, including a crazy bowl to bowl 3 and then 7 blunt. Henrik turned it up to 11 and Torin put down what I (Twig) though was probably the craziest trick of the day (see gif below).

Someone steezing a nice blunt 7 out the QP

Swiss madman Sami Ortlieb had one of the coolest lines of the day consisting of an alleyoop five, switch 1 to wall, bowl carve to uphill 180 transfer, presafety wallride carve to stall. Damn shame we couldn't actually witness it on the stream but life's a bitch sometimes.

Leo Taillefer lays it out the only way he knows. Probably squawking the whole time.

Henrik with a dub bio? 12.

WTF Torin.

Candide going HUGE.

Alright, enough with the GIFs. Personally, my favorite riders of the days were Joona Kangas, Magnus Graner, and Wacko Wells. But guys who don't usually hit park, like Candide and Jacob Wester, looked like they haven't taken a day off. Everyone killed it this year though! Numerous unique styles, great vibes, and more lines than an 80's Miami nightclub.

Viewers Choice: Candide Thovex

Best Style Award: Henrik Harlaut

Best Line Award: Candide Thovex

Best Trick Award: Henrik Harlaut

Best Overall Award: Henrik Harlaut

Also, big ups to Henrik who, having cleaned up, decided to share the prize money between all the riders! Check out our snapchat story for more highlights from the event.

Until next year...