Players highly noticeable four well as the mainland by the announced in February this year, secured the distribution, and the Chinese name of the game identified as Aion Power Leveling On the eve of the upcoming open beta in Korea, was officially opened yesterday, a Chinese official website, the first time the identity operators in China to announce the games in Chinese LOGO, and the formal notice of release of the first wave of Chinese propaganda films, taken the Aion PowerLeveling In China, the first step operation, and the trailers declared" WE ARE COMING ".

Mysterious dimensional space puberty Dragon knock on the door was, Yateleiya a black shadow over the gradually overshadowed by this will herald a Marinette must rise, this will be brewing in a brutal war.  

Is it doomed to the dark forces of erosion Yateleiya, or take up arms guardian of the contaminated dimensional world, to stop Dragon's step by step approximation?

Aion CD Key in escalation of the region to enjoy fresh Ceremony" to a successful end, the prizes have all been released, prizes props used in-game "Express Mail" directly sent to the award-winning role, please note that the player to receive a timely manner. If the player on the activities of ambiguities or questionable conditions to obtain prizes.