The Mont Avila park has been complete and running for many weeks now sorry for the update to take so long but this year Avila has some of the most features that I have ever seen in their park. Here is a run through of the two main parks and most of their features.

The big park starts off with this little barrel jib

It then goes into a choice of a up down box or a down rail.

You then have a choice of hitting this flat down flat rail or a selection of a barrel jib or a tire jib

After that it goes into a wide A frame rail or a roller coaster box

After that we have a flat down box or a down flat down box

As the run turns the corner there is a small tree jib

After there is a choice of a wide flat bar or a massive mailbox

At the top of the park it splits in two and that was the right side. On the left side there are 3 medium sized jumps and this up bar.

The two runs merge and go into some more features. It starts off with this concrete barrier and a down flat down rail.

After that it goes into this tall flat bar and this flat down rail.

After that we have a rainbow rail and the run finishes off with this tree jib.

Throughout the park there are many well built jumps. (more updates of the jumps in detail later)

On the run beside the main park there is the intermediate park.

The run starts off with this big barrel tap.

Then it goes into this up flat down box

After that there is a flat box into a wall ride/spine

After that we have the halfpipe

At the bottom of the park we have a small jump into a c box and a flat box (no picture)

And the park finishes off with a wall ride

More updates to come soon!

Be sure to check out the Avila Riders Cult for more info and discussions.