Whats up Guys, hope everyone has been having a great season. I’ve been having  a really fun winter. Where I live in Big Bear we’ve had the most snow fall we’ve seen in 10 years and it all came out of  2 massive storms. The first storm hit us at the beginning of January and it snowed for about 4 days strait and we ended up with 4ft of snow, the most i’ve ever seen all at once in so cal. I thought that would be pretty much all the snow we would get but i was wrong, another storm just hit 4 weeks ago and dumped 3 1/2ft on top of what we still had. Above is a pic of a avalanche that some red neck plow dude took from the storm a few weeks back. This was one of 3 avalanches that had the road shut down for 6 days, the great thing about the roads being closed, was know one could get up to the mountain to ride the only powder days of the decade. So with all the snow we’ve had on the ground i’ve been hanging around here going to all the lower elevation towns trying to take advantage of all the things i’ve wanted to hit but never had enough snow. My plans now are to go up north to Tahoe for the rest of the season where they’ve been getting hit with snow the past few weeks. Can’t wait!!!