August 28, 2008 - Avalaan, the art inspired lifestyles brand, has recently launched its new AW08 website at, alongside its new and exciting AW08 range of heavily art influenced street and technical apparel and accessories. All products are easily viewable with a funky new zoom feature and all relevant links to official retailers where the product can be purchased.

Avalaan have also launched an online art gallery, where one is able to purchase originals, prints, posters, stickers and more, all directly through the Avalaan website. Avalaan will continually update this section with new and exciting pieces. Currently work from PLAS, Patrick Bremer, Sceptic and AMIT is available for purchase.

There are new Avalaan Familia profiles, including Marc Gerard, 45 RPM, Amir Williams, LuLu, Tipper Music and Amelia Horne.

There is a new Avalaan Familia blog, which is updatable by the Familia, so that you can keep up to date with all that Avalaan are getting up to.

So go and check it out, see what Avalaan are up to…