Words: Szczepan_Karpiel[ED] Szczepan sent this to us as a team update for Avalaan, but they had already finished their run for the season.   We figured what the hell, we'll put it up as news for you guys to check out!  This kid is dope and so is Avalaan.    -Mr.BishopLIVIGNO // ITALYHey there guys (and girls too),Avalaan doesn't have much team updates here at newschoolers.com but I'm doing my best to write sometimes something new here. The main problem is with the pictures, because most of them are done by professional photographers and they don't really want to share their good or even bad pictures here, that's why I always have to find some unprofessional ones. Maby this time You won't find much of them but maby some of You are interested in what I've been up to for last month. I can say that due to the fact of horrible winter I didn't skied as much as I wish to but it wasn't that bad. The winter season is over but I'm still looking forward for some new cool trips. The first place I visited was the Italian DUTY FREE (that's really important) city called Livigno.

Besides soccer-vodka we played a lot PES 6, Marek Doniec was unbeaten. pic. fikcja.plOfcourse besides skiing we had a lot of free time for "chilling" and playing sport called - SOCCER VODKA! (The rules are really easy: the team which lost the goal and 3x corner have to drink one shot of vodka, about 30ml) It was really nice but only for like 1 hour...the advantage was that it was really....entertaining but....we lost 9:1 so it means the whole team (5 persons) drank about 1,4 liter. I can tell You only that after 5-6 shots it wasn't soccer anymore.
Our crib in Livigno. Maby it doesn't look so good here but belive me it was extremly sick! pic. Fikcja.pl
That's how most of the European resorts looked at the end of April, sad but true :( pic. Fikcja.plSomething about skiing? Hmmmm...the park weas really cool but the landings were pretty flat. We found some 60 footers and some smaller kickers, including nice table top.
 This was the small table top-me doing a Cab 5 Truckdriver, without truckdriving license ]:->!Marek Doniec was doing sick cab spins of the big kickers and I was just learning and training few new tricks I wanted to do. My bro Stanley did some sick 9's with changing grabs and double grabs, for example: 900 with a reverse mute to true nose and stuff like that.
 Yeah I know I suck at pipe but I wanna learn it soooo bad! (one of my first hits)
 My 7 with a truckerGenerally it was more like a camp were we learned some rookies and kids how to make simple tricks and basics. Even though we had a great time there. GOOD INFORMATION FOR PEOPLE WHO WANNA GO THERE: 1LITER OF FINLANDIA-VODKA COST ABOUT 5,50 EURO ]:->.
Marek did this ski-monument at 4 o'clock in the morning...awesome hehe pic. Fikcja.pl
Double actions are so hot right now! pic. Fikcja.pl
Lil'Silent? What da f....? This water was freakin cold! He wanted make it switch...pic. Fikcja.plKAUNERTAL // AUSTRIAAnother trip took a part in Austrian alps, in place called Kaunertal. We went there just after the sick comp called "Spring Classics" so we looked forward to try some sick kickers made for this comp (You can read the preview of the comp here: http://www.newschoolers.com/web/content/news/news_id/1479/).
Small Cab 7 Mute GrabWe didn't party a lot but it was really really sick. The bigest kicker wasn't that big cos it had maby about 60-70 feets long table but it kicked You up to the air pretty high. I was really stoked cos I did few cool switch spins on it, the same as forward ones hehe. I had a really good time there (I've learned tricks like cab 7 with a double true nose "prison shower", Cab 5's and 7's with true nose, tail and stuff like that + I landed one of my first cab 9's-i didn't thought it's soo easy, i was really stoked). We met also few pro skiers and our good old friends, for example: Nico Zacek, Caja Shoepf, Tobi Reindl, Xaver Gehring and Roman Dalecky. The rail section wasn't that good but I found few good street rails, big rainbow and boxes. Generally speaking the whole last month for me was a great experience and now I'm only waiting to go to the Dachstein glacier (Austria) to some Voelkl Team Videoshooting and to meet a lot of new people. Hope to hear from all of You soon, see You after 2nd of June ;) - I'll do my best to write some cool update. I hope this one wasn't that bad.PeaceSzczepan "Sketchkebab" KarpielP.S. Sorry for my bad English (as usual)P.S2. Thx for some of the pics to: Tomek Gola // http://WWW.FICKJA.PL, Pedro and MatildaP.S3. Remember AVALAAN is the shit, soon You'll see some new sick products!