AVALAAN LAUNCHES ITS AUTUMN/WINTER 2007 PRODUCT RANGE Avalaan has just released its new AW07 product range at http://www.avalaan.com September 26, 2007- Avalaan has just released its new Autumn/Winter 2007 product range. The new range incorporates classically Avalaan pieces and some exciting new products, including both casual streetwear and technical clothing for skiing and snowboarding. The range sees Avalaan’s first all-in-one, aptly named the ‘Moonwalker’, and the highest specified jacket Avalaan has produced to date. The ‘Bloc Jacket’ has a high waterproof and breathability reading of 20,000GM and 20,000MM, and hides many small details and features required for the lifestyle rider. Avalaan aims to push boundaries with what can be done with fashion and technical ski/snowboard wear, whilst ensuring that functionality is never jeopardized. Avalaan have also produced a typically art driven range of casual clothing including tee shirt, hooded sweatshirts and zippered hooded sweatshirts which include art and doodles from those in the community that surrounds Avalaan, La Familia. “We aim to use every median possible to display the artwork of ‘La Familia’, and so you will find many hidden pieces through all of Avalaan’s ranges. Its the things you have to find that count!’ (Sam Windridge- Creative and Product Director) This new range will be hitting stores soon, for more information on official Avalaan dealers and distributors, and all product details please visit http://www.avalaan.com.