"Remanufacturing" means the waste products back to the original product with the same technical performance and product quality of the production process. Auto re-manufacturing, is obsolete auto parts through the cleaning, repair and surface treatment, so its performance can be close to the new product level, remanufacturing can effectively save energy, lower utility costs, can now be re-manufacture of automotive vehicles Related products include engine, clutch, steering and other major automotive components.

 At least 5 years ago, China began to plan the implementation of the relevant government departments automotive parts remanufacturing. On April 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission, Central Information Secretary submit to the State Department for Ford shocks and struts of circular economy "on the auto parts remanufacturing industry and related countermeasures recommendations. May 2008, the National Development and Reform Commission promulgated the "Measures for the Administration automotive parts remanufacturing," and choose OK the 14 vehicle manufacturers and component remanufacturing business, to carry out the pilot auto parts remanufacturing. February 25, 2010, organized by the National Development and Reform Commission designed the "auto parts remanufacturing products marked" Enable release.

Auto parts re-manufacturing cycle for China to promote economic development, accelerate the construction of resource saving and environment-friendly society is one important measure. Also developed the car market in general that take measures. Developed countries in Europe and the United States, waste has been remanufacturing machinery and electronic products for several years of development history aimed at Ford quick strut, which accounts for maintenance of the engine remanufacturing market to 85% or more parts, remanufacturing has become an important industry.

At present, China's remanufacturing business is in its infancy, there is a big gap with foreign countries, in addition to remanufacturing need to gradually improve the technical level, but also to establish the appropriate support and encourage policies and mechanisms, while ensuring product quality, ensure that the people lives.

 In this case, the state decided to adopt the pilot, in order to comprehensively promote the re-manufacturing in China to provide practical experience.

To promote the automotive parts remanufacturing of the Pilot, the National Development and Reform Commission, Central Information Secretary's decision to set up auto parts remanufacturing pilot group of experts. 10 experts from the organization. Adviser: He Guangyuan; Leader: Deputy head of the Board by the Automobile Association of Young as, members of the Academy of Engineering, university professors and well-known senior industry experts.

Currently, the main measures auto parts specification is the "auto parts remanufacturing management approach." "Rules" provides that the sub-national Development and Reform Commission announced the launching of the pilot auto parts remanufacturing product range is tentatively scheduled for: Ford complete strut assembly ,engine, transmission, generator, starter, steering five products.

"Measures" that the pilot enterprises dismantling scrapped automobiles banned from acquisitions, "the five assembly" re-manufacturing; longer than similar products made in principle, a new piece of the quality of the original product warranty period, and shall not be recycled or re-create not authorized for other enterprise products; re-made products should enter automobile manufacturing enterprise service system be negotiable, Bude retail market directly to Shehui; these companies remanufacture old Jian Huo Deke's Yuan manufacturers of Shangbiao use clout.

"Approach" emphasizes that national pilot enterprises will be a strict supervision and management of product and market circulation, require the production of re-manufactured products may not be used for new vehicle production, the quality of its technical performance and safety of products should conform to relevant standards and warranty requirements and responsibilities of the original product should meet the same requirements. Pilot enterprises and authorized business-to-quality remanufactured products are responsible for, undertake corresponding responsibilities and after-sales service warranty. In addition, the re-manufactured products, while retaining corporate trademark licensing, the manufacturer should bear the mark again, there should be a clear "re-manufacture product" description.   B2C | B2B2C