So what do you get when you take the best riders from Victoria and NSW and team them with Australia?s most creative videographers, pitting the teams in a State-of-origin battle at Mt Buller. You get SoO Airtime!

SoO AirTime is a series of video-based freeride competitions for the Australian snowfields.

The concept is the brain-child of Watkin and Oscar McLennan. Bolstered by a passion for airtime and an annoyance at the less-than-inspired crop of freeride events in Victoria, they started their own. Enter SoO AirTime 2010 and Open Edit 2010. Each team crafts a video across the three days from Tuesday 31st August til Thursday September 2nd. The vids are posted online. You vote from Sunday September 5th til Friday 17th to decide which State reigns supreme. There are heaps of prizes for voters, so don?t miss the chance to have your say. So watch them below and VOTE HERE!



To learn more about SoO Airtime check out Newschooler’s story on them HERE and check out their website.