The Nine Knights contest returns for yet another year but under their new name: Audi Nines. The name changed but the idea is the same in that they want to bring together wild building and incredible athletes to one place for 6 days of shredding that will always be remembered.

New to the course layout is the Slope X course.

The innovative SlopeX course combines Ski- and Snowboardcross elements with Slopestyle features and riders from both disciplines are excited. “This event will have the craziest set-up so far,” says Slopestyle Snowboarder Sebbe de Buck (BEL), who helped design the course. “There’s a race course with flowy sections as well as big jumps and rails, all in one.” The SlopeX course features a huge multi-functional quarter pipe at the end, with three lines leading into it, enabling individual and team challenges. While the focus is on speed and style, the exact format will be shaped by how the riders interact with the course during the film and photo sessions in the first days of the event.

Jesper Tjader, David Wise, Jennie Lee Burmansson, Tom Ritsch, Dan Hanka & other athletes will be there sessioning the setup from April 9-14 so stay tuned for more coverage once the event starts!

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