Attn: PA, WNY, and Ohio

New for the 06-07 winter season,

2 Million in snowmaking.

Two new parks, one is a progression park and the other advanced.

Existing park is getting a Zaugg Pipe Designer and a bunch of 1000w lights.

New trails being cut today, new lifts in 2007

Future Resort Development is off the charts. (new owner)

The Mountain Crew is pumped about all the new terrain features we're building.  Just last week we ordered a bunch of 8" flat rails for a small and large rainbow, rainbow booter, and a hippo.  Also look for a new battleship rail.  The crew and I have talked allot about the need for bigger transitions on the jumps and rails.  With the new snowmaking, all is in order.

Give me ideas and plans for new features on or here on NS