This year I was lucky enough to get an Atomic ad in Freeskier and with Powder.  My Powder Ad will come out in the December Issue, and this is my ad from Freeskier.  This is one of my favorite shots I got this year, and it was photographed by Dan Carr.  He has a bunch of info on the camera he used for this shot so if you are interested in that you can check out his blog.  It is also worth checking out because he has a full shot with an extra landing shot (for you skeptics that don’t think I landed it).  There is also more evidence in Revolver.

The coolest thing about this shot is that I got 4 angles on it.   Yeah how often does that happen, never. My helmet cam(shot was a bit shaky), filmer steve had the on hill angle, plus he set up his 7D for a static shot (you can see this shot in the DVD bonus section of Revolver).   Tyler Hamlet had the long distance shot, he killed it, he was standing next to Dan Carr and they had some long light capturing lenses to get the shot.  I remember how stoked Dan Carr was, especially this being his FIRST SHOT of the trip! Yeah how often does that happen.  So Dan got lucky, I had one of my best days of the season, and Dane and Pep also got some sick shots in this zone in the same session.  Birthday Bowl was epic.  I struggled a bit on my first run in Birthday Bowl.  If you look at the photo you can see to the lookers left is a ski track and landing where I went off the cliff and had a rather flat landing.

After a failed run I looked up and filmer Steve pointed out on the radio that there was a nice transition if I gapped the cliff to the left.  I figured this would be a bit easier second hit, because I already made a track from my first hit which would let me hit it with a bit more speed to clear the gap to the perfect landing lookers right in the photo.  So I skied into it, hit it a bit to the right with a little more speed, set the trick, landed and was so happy that it all worked out.

Thanks to Atomic
The cliff is above my head, this shot shows the scale of the cliff and gap bit better from afar.

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