Interview by Jim Borchardt

Whats up Kevin. How has your past season been man? I noticed you were on a traveling hiatus around Canada with some friends over the past couple of months. What was that experience like?

Hey jim, My season was super rad! I managed to ski some pow and stay injury free so no complaints there. I got some awesome road trip opportunities this past season. Traveling around with Dylan Siggers and Brian Goertzen during our BC mega trip was by far some of the best times Ive had on skis. Our end of the season whistler trip was a damn good time as well!

What stop of the trip was the best in your opinion and why?

We definitely had the most fun in Manning Park. The hill is super small, the locals were cool and the whole place was full of side hits and cut outs. Ya gotta watch out for the ski patrol though.

Seeing as you traveled a lot this past winter, were you doing much else with your time besides skiing your brains out?

I spent a lot of time working on art and music type stuff, hanging around with friends and sleeping of course. I got the opportunity to travel to New York city a few times and went for a visit to Costa Rica. Balanced out my surf, city, and snow pretty well.

I know that you are also a talented artist. Do you see a connection between your different forms of self-expression from skiing to music to drawing/painting?

Art skiing and music are three very different creative mediums that go hand in hand, especially when your looking at film segments. most of my inspiration on skis comes from the snowboarders I grew up riding with in Calgary. Obviously not all the tricks transfer over to skiing but snowboarders do some stupidly rad stuff.

I think you can become trapped by drawing inspiration from just one source such as watching a ski edit to get you pumped to ski. Music, snowboarding videos, a good read, or whatever else, I think, can give you some new creative insight into your pursuits. I remember when I first got in touch with you, you had a job as a ski instructor. Are you still helping little groms learn the whole pizza french fry routine?

Yeah I've spent the last two seasons coaching with the freestyle team in Fernie, BC. I couldn't ask for a better job. All of the kids shred the hell out of pizzas and french fries...... and anything else they feel like doing.

So in other words you enjoy your time as a coach? And what is the biggest thrill you get out of instructing?

I love my time as a coach. Its super cool to explain to a kid the physics behind a trick and how they should go about doing it then watching them stomp it harder than I could myself.

What do you see these groms doing in the future? How do you see today's youth impacting skiing in the future?

Hopefully they all keep doing what they enjoy most. There are a lot of groms out there absolutely murdering it these days. It would be cool to see some of the kids i coach keep on killing it. Its hard to say where today's youth will take skiing. As long as everyone keeps it as fun as it should be then ill be stoked.

I've really enjoyed watching the progress of freesking over the past 10 years. It should be interesting to see how the youth of today will have an influence on that progression in the future. Where would you like to see your life 10 years down the line?

Hopefully I'll still be skiing but it would be rad to do some kind of art or music work. Basically I'd like to keep doing all the things I enjoy doing now. I'm trying to stay away from the office jobs.

Do you have any plans to head to college?

Yeah I'm heading to school in Squamish B.C. next year so Ill be shredding whistler all next season. I'm pretty damn excited about that!

Cool man, it should be fun having Whistler as your home mountain. Do you have any specific plans or goals as a skier for next season seeing as you'll be in a new location with new terrain?

I'm really looking forward to some pow days at whistler, Ive only skied the parks. Other than that Id like to keep filming as much as possible next year. Maybe hit some handrails or go on a trip somewhere if I can find time.

Yeah man, should be a good year for you next year. Anything else you have to say?

Huge thanks to all my friends and family for keeping it fun all the time. And hi mom