Today I came across this amazing video on Vimeo which combines HDR photography, tone-mapping and time-lapse techniques.

It was shot by Drew Geraci in an abandoned 1920′s Asylum over 7 months, combining just under 35,000 individual frames. While a little creepy to watch it’s an inspiring piece – shot in challenging circumstances:

“Our 7 month journey into the Asylum led us on many adventures; from dodging security vehicles, ghostly figures and even a meth head. This is no place for the faint of heart. Asbestos blanketed every room we entered like new winter snow, so shooting was sometimes difficult.”

Asylum from Drew Geraci on Vimeo.

Equipment used includes Canon 5D Mark 2′s and a range of Canon lenses including the 16-35mm F/2.8 II, 24-105mm f/4 and 50mm F1.4.

Get more of the back story on the Vimeo page here.

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Asylum: A Stunning Timelapse Video