Hey everyone,We're now back in our home town of Whistler to premiere "More

For The Astronauts" this Sunday.This is one of our final destinations on the

Coors Light DEEP SPACE tour, and we're excited to have a few beverages with all

our friends!Longhorn SaloonSunday Nov 25thDoors at

9:00pmWe've received word that there will be a SEASON PASS to

Whistler-Blackcomb up for grabs PRIOR to the viewing of the film, as well as

prizes from Glacier Shop, TMC and NossaTV. We'll also be setting up a booth with

our freshest Voleurz CLOTHING LINE to date! Come join us and check out

how much fun we had on our skis, snowboard, GT's, tricycles and skateboards last

season!-The Voleurz Familyhttp://www.voleurz.com