Arno Balzarini/Keystone/Associated Press

In Seattle, we’re enjoying some pretty balmy weather (for February). But I’m headed to Europe this week and I’m well aware that hundreds of thousands of people are suffering through a bone-chilling freeze–with temperatures dropping waaaay below normal. Amid mountains of snow and icicles as long as my arm, people are panicking and trying to help each other.

And some people are photographing.

I’ve shot in temps so cold that my film (yes film!) snapped and cracked when my camera would attempt to wind it… Seems like Eastern Europe is in that sort of mode right now. Times of great suffering and pain are also often times when some of the most touching, haunting, and remarkable art is made. Click thru this handful of frozen images via Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria and beyond by clicking thru the gallery tabs above. Just scratched the surface grabbing these off news services, etc. But if anyone has/knows other deep freeze images – particularly arty ones- please share a link below. Love to see them.