packed up the car with Sam and Dorem to come have some fun. Join us wherever is nearest to you. Bring your homies too

BYOBeanie is a dope lil pop up potluck vibe where I’ll sew an arsenic flag on to your beanie for free. Homies bring food to share. I have some unreleased gear for sale as well. Come hang for like and hour or whatever and enjoy a nice reunion with your crew as the season starts back up!

for the premiers I’m gonna show my homies videos. Why Not by CL, Hypertunnel from Stand, and the new Arsenic video that Oliver Hobletzelle made called Meet me at the Sauna. No entrance fees.

Buffalo BYOBeanie- October 20 4-8

PittsburgH BYOBeanie- October 22 12-5

PittsburgH Premieres- October 22 7-9

Ann Arbor Premieres- October 23 6:30-8:30

Grand Rapids BYOBeanie- October 27 4-8

Minneapolis BYOBeanie- October 29 12-5

Minneapolis Premieres- October 29 7-9