Proposed legislation:

Video of DEA officer shooting himself while teaching about the dangers of guns:


Does this really seem like the best idea. How much do you trust your teacher? Is ever teacher really suited for a gun? What about the scandals that happen with disgruntled teachers already?

Adding guns to schools... is well adding guns to school. By giving teachers the permission to bring there gun into the classroom, they are bringing a gun into the classroom. What's to say another kid isn't going to see the gun on his teacher, decide he wants a gun too and then bring it to school himself, and then we have another school shooting on our hands.

What about the teachers that already show problems at work, the teachers having sexual relationships at school, the teachers looking up inapropriate matierials on their computers. Aren't we adding another factor to this equation. The stories we will probably be hearing if this ever passes (low chance) is that "Today a Teacher shot a student, over behavioral issue" or something to that effect.

The Video, makes this idea even crazier, The officer luckily only shot himself in the foot, but if he had screwed up his demonstration even worse he could have killed someone else totally by accident, or harmed himself more.