By Matt Harvey

The number of threads on in the passed couple of days is proof of the anticipation approaching October 15th; the promised launch date for Armada's web site. Just a couple minutes after noon, the site made its debut, and everyone flocked.

Most of the hype surrounded rumours of a killer team. Some believed, most didn't. The team as announced is as follows:

Tanner Hall

Boy Easley

Julien L. Regnier

JP Auclair

JF Cusson

Anthony Boronowski

Armada will be releasing two models of skis in mid-November for pre-sale, which will be shipped out in late December. The first ski is called the ARS which is intended for park, pipe, and rails. The ski will come in 160cm, 170cm, 176cm, and 180cm sizes.

The second ski is called the ARV and is aimed at Big Mountain fanatics. The ARV comes in 175cm and 185cm lengths.

No information has yet been released about the construction of the ski and information on who owns and funds the venture is still a mystery.

The full web site will be released in mid-November which will include a full catalogue and online store where a limited number of skis will be available for sale.