Mike Hornbeck is a skier with passion and conviction. I spent a bunch of time with him when Armada toured the UK and he was constantly stoked on skiing, on life and on sharing his take on our 'sport'. He was also very excited to discuss his plans to move back to his roots in Michigan for the winter and show the world what he believes to be the best place to ski urban, bar none. It was his passion that spawned this, the first of three short films by Armada dropping over the coming weeks. Part 1 is a masterpiece by one of the hardest working and most stylish skiers in the game. He's joined by long time friend and urban slayer Spencer Millbocker and the Swedish master of the bowl-cut Kim Boberg. All three guys absolutely kill it, their creative take on urban is refreshing to watch and the clips are beautifully put together. Check it out right now!