Newschoolers' Review:

The flex profile, with a super soft nose and tail, isn’t quite as smooth as I personally like, but they are incredibly easy to butter. And while I prefer the rounder flex of the ARV96 (more on that in another review), in all other aspects I think the Al Dente is the better, more versatile ski. I raved about the K2 Poacher in an earlier review and it’s an entirely different ski from these. The reason I bring them up is that while that was a super positive review, more positive than this, these are the jib skis I ended up choosing to ski last season when I was no longer on review duty. There is a reason the Al Dente has survived, unchanged, as long as it has in the Armada line. - Twig

Characteristics: Snappy, medium flex, lightweight, traditional park ski feel

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Sizes: 168, 178, 188

Dimensions: 133-98-123 @178cm

Radius: 20.5 @178cm