Member Review :

Park is where the 86 truly shines. I've been riding wider skis for the past couple of years and I was surprised. I thought the 86 would be your stereotypical jump and trail ski, but this thing slays everything. It's got a really nice buttery flex in the tip and tail, and it's super solid underfoot. I hit a few smaller jumps and the skis perform amazing, and they felt so solid on switch takeoffs. It felt like I had no chance of catching my edge, even with the edges not being detuned. I got these skis on rails and they are also super fun. They grip really nicely and are a breeze to spin on, despite being a little on the heavy side. Super easy to get buttery with too. My line chronics I had to put so much effort into butters, but with the 86's I was able to really get over those tips for greasy nose butters on groomers and knuckles. - Tomatonater

Characteristics: Solid, carve machine, even swing weight, easy to butter, slight chatter at speed

Sizes: 163, 170, 177, 184

Dimensions: 116-86-110 @177cm

Radius: 18 m @177cm

Flex Pattern: 5.5 - 7 - 6