We were introduced to the game by Corbin after it was quite a hit at Windells in the summer.  Check out the web-site for more rules and regulations thesandwichclub.com

What is the Sandwich Club?

The Sandwich Club is a fun game involving smashing of other member’s sandwiches.  Sandwiches that are not modified can be smashed with a fist by other members or those in the know.  The smashed sandwich must then be eaten, as do all smashed sandwiches.  The sandwich cannot be replaced.  Remember, the Sandwich Club is a Gentleman’s game.

How do I join?

There are 2 ways to join.  One is the smash in.  The other is to say the catch phrase.

If you say the catch phrase, which is “what’s the sandwich club?”, to a member, then you are in.

The smash in is for those who are in the know.  If you smash a members sandwich, you’re in.  You must smash a member’s sandwich, NO YOU CAN’T JUST SMASH ANYBODY.

Where can I play?

You can play anywhere except table service restaurants.  BBQ’s, fast-food restaurants and at home are great places.  Remember, the Sandwich Club is a Gentleman’s game.

Who is in the Sandwich Club?

The sandwich club has many members.  Men and women of all colors and ages are already members.  There are valets, real estate agents, bellmen, pro snowboarders, video editors and even a millionaire that are sandwich club members. See the members list for the complete listing.

What are the gentleman’s rules?

Please refer to the definitions page for a full description of the Gentleman’s Rules.

How do I get out?

To get out of the club, simply offer your sandwich up to a member for a double axe-handle smash.  This is known as the Smash Out.  The smashed sandwich must then be eaten, as do all smashed sandwiches.

*** Brent Meyer is a highly frowned upon individual for being the only person ever to leave the Sandwich Club. ***

What are legal modifications?

Anything that is done to the sandwich that alters it from the normal state that it came in.  Examples include sticking a French fry in the bun, folding the paper back over it, flipping the bun inside out, putting silverware on it, etc.  Modifications must be obvious.

***  A toothpick in a Club sandwich is not a modification.  If you pulled the toothpick out and laid it on it’s side, then it would be modified, as the tooth pick would have no practical purpose.

What is and is not considered a smashable sandwich?







Each part of a sandwich is smashable if not modified.

The sandwich must be assembled and resting by itself, free of any packaging.

It cannot be in someone’s hand.

It must have something in the middle of two pieces of bread or bun product to constitute a sandwich.  The pieces of bun or bread must be detached from each other, thus ruling out hotdogs and pitas.

If it is list on the menu as a ’sandwich’ then it is smashable.  example – the Jack in the Box made Pannido or a Gyro Sandwich at Angelo’s.

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