Karolyn Castaldo

Have you ever wanted to jump through hoops of fire, be blasted with snow guns, or run a 5K race, laced with numerous obstacles, up a ski resort mountain? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then The Tough Mountain Challenge at Sunday River Ski Resort in Western Maine is for you. This year, the Challenge will take place this weekend on July 23 and registration has already been closed, but spectating is free, so it?s worth a shot to head to Sunday River for this exciting event.

The Tough Mountain Challenge is exactly what it sounds like: tough. Because of this, it tests the will, strength, and limits of the toughest men and women in the New England area. Each year, many people desire to compete, but only 1,000 contestants run in the race. The race consists of various tasks, such as military-crawls under barbed-wire through the mud, a slip-and-slide, climbing through drain pipes, running on nets over a pond, rope climbs up steep terrain and as previously mentioned, snow gun blasts and hoops of fire.

Though many resorts and ski areas put on races like this, such as the Tough Mudder, which runs races throughout the world and is known as ?The Toughest Event on the Planet? the Tough Mountain Challenge incorporates elements of the other races, with a more fun environment, and less danger. In short, The Tough Mountain Challenge won?t kill you, but it will make you work. Each obstacle in the race is enough to make you sweat, feel the burn, and maybe shed a little blood, but overall, it?s pretty safe.

However, if you aren?t ready to take on the challenge, there?s plenty to do on mountain. The Tough Mountain Challenge has been described as an ?all-day party?, so get ready for fun. There will be tons of food, live music, a beer garden, chairlift rides, mountain biking, zip line tours, and even a mini Challenge for kids! Many of the biggest obstacles on the course are just a short walk from the base, so active spectating is encouraged! After the race, a giant after-party will take place for the participants and spectators, so plan for a weekend full of awesome events.

Whether you?re in it to win it, or just there to have fun, the Tough Mountain Challenge has it all. The go-with-the-flow attitude of Sunday River really shines through in this race because of its ridiculous, out of control, anything-goes, fun-for-everyone feeling. Now, the only thing left to do is ask yourself… are you tough enough?

Check out http://www.toughmountain.com/ for more details!

or just come down with us!! We’ll Toughen you up!

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