Instagram has been been in the news a lot lately – particularly with it being purchased by Facebook for $1 billion!

We’ve talked a little about it in the past and it has always caused some debate within our community – while some see it as a great way to share photos, particularly those taken on their iPhone or Android phones – others see it as ‘cheap’ and ask why someone would want to ruin a good photo by putting ‘filters’ on it?

I’m probably in the first camp – I’ve been on Instagram for 18 months or so (you can find me at the username ‘darrenrowse’) and while I don’t share as many photos as some people I find it quite addictive.

As Instagram has now hit the big time with their purchase by Facebook I thought it might be interesting to run a poll on the topic. Are you on Instagram?

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I know these options might not fit everyone’s situation – I’d love to hear you expand upon your response in comment below.

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