Will the IPad 3 be the perfect solution to shooting with a laptop on location?  Rumors so far are speculating some awesome things that could make it a great and reliable addition to your lifestyle and event photography.With rumors speculating a screen at double the resolution of the previous IPad, your images would look better than ever.  This enables you to truly determine sharpness on location and make sure the shot comes out perfect.  Great for shooting on-location lifestyle portraits!Not only could it be great for tethered shooting, the new screen will make for a great way to show your portfolio off to potential clients, in person, and in high-res.  The only problem in our experience is that sometimes the client is more interested in how cool the IPad is than the photos…..A new faster processer is very possibly a part of the new IPad 3.  It's likely a 4 core processor with a faster clock speed that could make transferring Large JPEGS and possibly even RAW files much smoother.  With the current IPad and IPad 2 it's just a bit too slow to be used on-location.As an action photographer this is all very exciting and something to look forward to since carrying a laptop off into the woods is simply not feasible.  We would love to be able to bring our IPad's along on a shoot, and with the new round of WiFi SD cards, be able to preview pictures and get the lighting just right!Another rumor is that the IPad 3 will work on 4G Networks.  This would make it possible for uploading event images, and on-location images to the client as you shoot.  Another great update for media hungry clients.A higher megapixel and better quality camera is possible and likely.  But will the quality truly be better if they cram even more pixels onto such a small sensor? They seem to make each one better than the last and if that happens again this could be a great camera to have along for shooting some HD video and capturing photos for fun. One things for sure, we will know all about this on March 7th, and the IPad 3 Release Date should be announced then as well.Will you be getting one?  And will you use it professionally?